A look back at 2018

Wondering how much we raised in donations last year? And where this money gets spent? Then we’ve good news for you, as we look back at what we achieved in 2018:

  • Number of applications received: 77
    Of these, 59 were approved and 18 were rejected
  • There are projects in 13 different countries
  • ca. €190,000 given to support initiatives
  • 2018 building trip attracted 22 applicants
    Of which 12 participated in the building trip to Guatemala
DFF Hockeyteam

Mid November 2016 DFF's Habitat construction group paid a visit to the Children's Home in Ngong (Kenya). During this visit hockey kits were donated to a team of boys aged between 10 and 13, who were from the home. The team had only recently been set up to start playing hockey. The kits were sponsored by René van Vuuren of Eyecatcher. Boudewijn Rip took hockey equipment with him during various visits to Kenya. Since a few months, the team goes to the Hockey Stadion of City Park (a trip of 1½ hours) to train there as part of the Youth Development Programme. At the end of February they played their first match against the Peponi School team. The match ended in a draw (0-0) and the Peponi School team won after shoot outs. After the match the parents of the Peponi boys team treated everyone to drinks and snacks.

Downtown Ophelia

The first ever Downtown Ophelia event took place on Saturday 18th March. More than a hundred people with learning disabilities got involved with working in the shops, hairdressing salons, bars & restaurants and at the fair. The organisation wanted to show that these people also have talent and deserve opportunities to work. The participants, who were of all ages, spent the day in the spotlight. From the jeweller’s, pharmacy, fishmonger’s and the bakery to the supermarket, snack bar, children’s clothes shop and the restaurant, these VIP personnel were on hand to help customers at every kind of establishment. Live music performances and a DJ kept everyone entertained. A Wheel of Fortune and a big raffle selected lucky winners for some great prizes. These included a child’s bike, a full cart of shopping, restaurant vouchers and a TV, all donated by local businesses. A fashion show by 17 children and young adults got plenty of people flocking to the stage. With beaming smiles, the models walked the catwalk with panache. It was an explosive moment of delight when they were told, thanks to the shop owners’ generosity, that they could keep all the clothes they were modelling! The Dutch Flower Foundation are very pleased to say our €500 sponsorship contribution towards organising this event was money well-spent.

JINC Kennemerland

Recently DFG became a partner of JNIC. JINC is an organisation that gives young people between the age of 8 to 16 assistance on the employment market by vocational guidance on the work floor, learning (social) skills and providing workshops on entrepreneurship. JINC feels that every child deserves an equal chance on the employment market and DFG is very happy to contribute to this. JINC is a non-profit organisation that is mainly funded by the business sector. OZ Export organised various activities for JINC. One activity was a flash internship. The purpose of a flash internship is to introduce students to the business sector. They get information about OZ Export and work in the logistics department for a brief spell. Another activity is Job Application Training. By being part of this collaboration, DFG hopes to make a real difference to young people who need it .