A look back at 2018

Wondering how much we raised in donations last year? And where this money gets spent? Then we’ve good news for you, as we look back at what we achieved in 2018:

  • Number of applications received: 77
    Of these, 59 were approved and 18 were rejected
  • There are projects in 13 different countries
  • ca. €190,000 given to support initiatives
  • 2018 building trip attracted 22 applicants
    Of which 12 participated in the building trip to Guatemala
TAK Farms offers help after volcano eruption Fuego in Guatemala

In June 2018 the volcano Fuego erupted in Guatemala. The 3,763-meter-high volcano, about 35 kilometers southwest of the capital Guatemala City, spewed out a stream of lava spread to miles far away. The so-called "volcano of fire" has also spread hot ashes, which even ended up in Guatemala City.

Unfortunately, due to this eruption several villages were buried under the ashes; El Rodeo, Alotenango and San Miguel los Lotes. The volcano is located near Antigua, a popular place among tourists. Also a place that participants of our Building Trip have visited. Besides, one of the DFG sister companies, TAK farms, is located in this area. They immediately offered help and raised money together with sister company Green Connect to support the victims.

Through the following link you can see how TAK Farms has helped out in the last couple of months. Thanks in part to their help, the victims could start rebuilding their futures: click here to see the video.

Ready to depart!

The time has finally come around again – the Building Trip is now underway! A few hours ago, the participants were in great spirits at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, excited about their departure. At the time of writing, their flight is in the air on its way to Guatemala.

Follow the trip, as it happens
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The final preparations
Final preparations for the Building Trip were discussed during the second (departure) meeting which took place at the beginning of October.

This included talking about practical tips, such as what everybody needs to bring with them when travelling to Guatemala. There was a great mood among the participants, who were all eager to roll their sleeves up and get on with it.

Before the start of the trip, each of the participants had been required to raise a €1,000 contribution, which was primarily collected through sponsorship. It is a great credit to them all, that they had each already succeeded in this by the time of this second meeting, a full month before departure!

On behalf of all of us, we wish the participants every success!

Picture on the left: The participants paid careful attention as they were informed about the travel tips.

15 new water tanks for Dreamcatcher in South Africa

Last February 15 new water tanks were donated to Dreamcatcher Foundation Nederland. These water tanks will be used, among other things, for the botanic garden and households. With these facilities the Kamamma's can build an indepedent life.

What is the purpose of this organisation?

Dreamcatcher was founded to holistically help local communities, mostly women, in South Africa. They want to remove barries to economic- and skills empowerment and to improve the quality of life. This offers the locals a chance to develop to their full potential. This can be done by giving women the chance to recruit an independent income in the tourism industry. As this industry is the largest source of income in South Africa of which the locals insufficiently make use of.
Dreamcatcher mainly focusses on women in townships, the so-called Kamamma's. For the Kamamma's they have developed two projects:

  • 'Homestay' = staying at a authenic home of a Kamamma in a townshop
  • 'Cook-up with Kamamma' = a traditional local food experience

For what cause do they use our gift?

The donated amount of €3.750,- was used for purchasing 15 new water tanks. These water tanks will also be used by the Kamamma's, with pleasure, for their botanical garden 'La Bloemen', in Melkhoutfontein.
Melkhoutfontein is a small village along the Garden Route and once was one of the poorest townships of the country. The place of the botanical garden was a fromer landfill, and belongs to another project of Dreamcatcher: 'Wasteland to Graceland'.

Computers orphanage Ngong

In a digitized world, it is important that children get familiar with a computer at an early age. For less fortunate children this is not self-evident.

Therefore, DFG and Panalpina decided to provide the Childrens Home in Ngong, Kenya, with 10 PCs to use for computer education.

Sammy Wangeci (Panalpina) and Sarah Mwangi (DFG) handed over the first computer screen to Mary Muiruri (Childrens Home), after which all the computers were revealed and the first children could get started.

Multi-year sponsorship for Verkaart

For the next four years we will be sponsoring Verkaart. Each year an amount of €3.000,- will be donated to this worthy cause. This way orphan girls can pursue a study.

By pursuing a study, the girls can develop into independent, self-confident and secondary eduacated women who are positive with their future.

Why this organisation?

In a country like Kenya many people die of the concequences of aids and malaria. As a result, the number of orphans is high, because many children often can not be taken care of by their family due to poverty. Let alone, the possibilty of going to school for a better future.

Traditionally, being a boy has more advantages than being a girl. In addition, there is a good chance that these orphan girls become wanted or unwanted pregnant. As well as, often being abused and being married off way too young. This makes them the most vulnerable group in Kenya. Verkaart offers the girls a future perspective by providing a safe living- and learning environment. Thanks to their boarding schools where the girls are able to get eduacted.

Enthusiastic about this organization? Participate in one of their projects!
Take for example the foundraising bike ride. Every year they organise a bike ride of 7 days, cycling 80 kilometers per day. To take part in this ride, every cyclist needs to raise €2.300,- to be able to join the ride and raise money to the orphanage. For more information about this fantastic bike ride, please visit their website: https://www.vdt.nl/english/.