Theme: Education | Horticultural Greenhouse for 'De Vosheuvel'

This year Dutch Flower Foundation donated an amount of 5000 euros to realise a new horticultural greenhouse for students - with an intellectual disability - from school 'De Vosheuvel' in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. In part thanks to this gift, the greenhouse could be realized.

Why a Horticultural greenhouse for these students?

Until recently, 'De Vosheuvel' school complex in Amersfoort had a horticultural greenhouse where students with a (slight) intellectual disability were trained for a good job in the horticulture industry. When the old school building had to make way for new construction, the greenhouse was also demolished. The new school building will be delivered at the beginning of 2019, but without a greenhouse. To give their students the opportunity to learn about real trade, get a certificate and find a suitable job in the green sector, DFF has donated part of the amount to realize this project.

Official opening of the greenhouse

We were invited to attend the official opening, board members Elfrieda and Mariëlle visited to symbolically hand over the cheque.

Now that the horticultural greenhouse has been realized, thousands (140) of students with a (slight) intellectual disability can follow appropriate, practice-oriented green education. With the realization of the horticulture greenhouse:

  • 140 students with a (slight) intellectual disability attend appropriate, practice-oriented green education
  • All 80 students receive 'Green' lessons in the first 2 years;
  • Annually 12 students take part in the 'Green' certification course and around 10 pass;
  • 6 students with/without 'Green' certificate are looking for a job in green maintenance.
Theme: Health | Team Timmerman in action during King's Day

Every year Team Timmerman sells flowers on King's Day to realize a nice money amount for a charity. Team Timmerman is a team that consists of 25 members who are committed to various projects and charity organisations. They do this because the members of the team, unfortunately, lost loved ones in the fight against cancer.

This year, all flowers sold by the team during King's Day were donated by Dutch Flower Foundation. All the money they raised went to Mike Multi Foundation, a foundation dedicated to various projects that support physically and/or mentally handicapped people. For example, one of those projects is the support for this group during sports.

What exactly did the team do?

Even before the birds were whistling, members of Team Timmerman started building their market stand in the Zijdstraat in Aalsmeer. The first showers of rain came early in the morning. The Zijdstraat looked desolated, with only a few traders and less audiences. The team members were genuinely concerned about whether it would work out. After all, the stand was packed with beautiful flowers. Fortunately, the weather changed and even the sun came out. In no time the Zijdstraat filled up and there was a lot of trade. The buyers were enthusiastic about the nice offer and that the money goes to the charity gave the purchase extra shine.

Team Timmerman looks back very satisfied on last King's Day. A nice yield of 1500 euros has been raised for the Mike Multi Foundation.

Theme Education | KidsCare Kenia

At the beginning of 2018, Dutch Flower Foundation donated an amount to KidsCare Kenya. The funds were successfully used for the project: "Yes, We Can".

Lisette Geenen, KidsCare board member: "It is not the problems, but the possibilities that give children with a disability a future! Among other things, thanks to the donation from Dutch Flower Foundation we can make this possible for these children".

What happened with the donation to KidsCare Kenya?

KidsCare focuses on orphan children from the start. These children have to grow up in very poor circumstances with their grandparents, other family members or friends. When working for those children and their households, the social workers at KidsCare also encountered many children with a mental or physical disability. Often these children lived hidden in a mud house. For cultural and religious reasons, the caregivers were ashamed of these children.

The possibilities and usefulness of good (medical) care or education were often not seen. After all, they believe that children with disabilities cannot do anything or at least not much. In addition, care or special education was not available at all in this region. KidsCare has broken through that situation with many promotions and efforts. The awareness process is still continuing in the rural villages. Various facilities (physiotherapy, wheelchairs and other aids and even special education) are now being developed. Quite a challenge to make that sustainable, but KidsCare is also thinking about the possibilities. As KidsCare says: "This is how you can see the DFF donation as well: it makes the help of KidsCare possible!".

Theme: Education | Tania Integrated Rehab Centre officially opened!

Last year DFF, in collaboration with Chrysal, made a donation to the Tania Integrated Rehab Center in Kenya. This involved a donation for investing in classrooms and a computer lab so that the children can receive good education.

We had the honor to officially open the building. What chairman Boudewijn said about his visit: “In March I went to Kenya for a week and together with Chrysal we had the honor to officially open the project. I can say that it was a great donation: the project is well supervised by the local Chrysal representative and the children will receive good education. ”

What does Tania do?

The Tania Integrated Centre is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) which helps children with physical impairments and other disabilities. The Center is registered as a charitable children’s institution with the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Development. The Center currently hosts 165 children aged 2 to 17.


At the beginning of March our chairman Boudewijn visited Sibusiso in Tanzania. Here DFF, in collaboration with De Jong Verpakkingen, made a donation last year to construct a volleyball court. This volleyball court was established as one of Sibusiso's many activities for mentally handicapped children.

What Boudewijn said about his visit: "The volleyball court looked great. And more importantly, it is well used. The Tanzanian volleyball team, which is participating in the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi, was a guest at Sibusiso and the last training sessions were held there."

And with success... Last week the team reached the volleyball final of the Special Olympics and even won the gold medal!

More information about the Special Olympics?
The Special Olympics took place from March 14th until 21st, for more information go to:
What’s more, the Special Olympics held an interview with one of the female team players. Click here and meet Fatuma.

What does Sibusiso do?
The Sibusiso program in Tanzania is a unique program for mentally disabled children and their families. Sibusiso is a center where children are admitted temporarily and where numerous activities take place. In addition, the program is "community based", which means that it is also active in villages where the children come from.

Sibusiso aims to break the taboo on disabilities and to increase the acceptance of mentally handicapped children in Tanzania.

TAK Farms offers help after volcano eruption Fuego in Guatemala

In June 2018 the volcano Fuego erupted in Guatemala. The 3,763-meter-high volcano, about 35 kilometers southwest of the capital Guatemala City, spewed out a stream of lava spread to miles far away. The so-called "volcano of fire" has also spread hot ashes, which even ended up in Guatemala City.

Unfortunately, due to this eruption several villages were buried under the ashes; El Rodeo, Alotenango and San Miguel los Lotes. The volcano is located near Antigua, a popular place among tourists. Also a place that participants of our Building Trip have visited. Besides, one of the DFG sister companies, TAK farms, is located in this area. They immediately offered help and raised money together with sister company Green Connect to support the victims.

Through the following link you can see how TAK Farms has helped out in the last couple of months. Thanks in part to their help, the victims could start rebuilding their futures: click here to see the video.